What if…

You were able to Save Time, Create a Stand out Brand, and get people engaging, converting, and becoming lifelong customers of your brand in less time!


Stop the Search!

As a business owner, you have to do it all! However, you know that consistency and brand recognition is key to establishing and growing a successful brand!

Stop searching for photos all over the place, procrastinating on your latest digital product ideas, and worrying about what to post to your social media.

She Bold Stock wants to help you stop the search and confidently show up online!


She Bold Stock is a Membership that Provides Women Entrepreneurs with curated photos, Done-for-you Social Media and Lead Magnet templates, and Exclusive Proven Resources to build a brand, grow a Business, and Scale the business!

every. single. month.

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Step 1: Choose Your Plan

Join for a little as $29 a month! To gain access to over 3,000 stock photos and enjoy the perks of building a brand through graphics, templates, and social media e-guides to help you remain consistent everywhere!


Step 2: Set up your Account

The sign up process is simple. You’ll instantly gain access as soon as you sign up! You’ll also get a special welcome email from yours truly, welcoming you into a world of branding relief!


Step 3: Enjoy the Library!

You’ll have over 3,000 images to choose from access to templates, pre-made quotes, and a facebook group where we dive head in to create a consistent brand every week!

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Grow your Brand with the right Visuals

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stay consistent with the right Graphics


Convert with the Right Lead Magnets!

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Are you ready to…

Attract the right audience and Convert visitors into customers with our High Quality stock photos and templates Membership?

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Choose your Ideal Plan

As a blogger or business owner it's important to find plans that fit into your budget, so, that you can always have access to the right resources for your brand at the right time! Look at each plan and choose the one that BEST fits your business right now! Which plan will help you gain more freedom and time! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time!


Your Questions ANSWERED

Questions you want to know before signing up!

10 Frequently ask Questions:

1. Why Should I purchase from you?

She Bold Stock offers you royalty free, high commercial quality images at a amazing price. Not only are you getting over 3,000 images and over more images every month, you are also getting customized social media/ lead magnet templates and quotes to help you promote your own amazing projects if you have an upgraded plan. You are saving much needed time in creating your own amazing work!

Imagine having more time to focus on your own business and all you have to do is pop an image into your next big project!

This takes less than 5 minutes compared to what it normally would take you to..

  • Go and buy the props...extra money!

  • Have a high quality camera to take the photos..extra money!

  • Make them perfect in editing…extra money to spend!

  • Come up with creative promotional graphics…more time!

  • Create Lead magnets to get people clicking…more time!


It's too much time and money! That's why I'm here to help. I want to take this load off of you so that you can put your full attention on your own work. Save more time…save more money…get back to what matters the most!

2. What do I get when I become a Member

You get full access to all of the She Bold Stock Images plus additional features like social media graphic templates, pre-made quotes, lead magnet and opt in templates! Plus you get Social Media E-Guides to help you plan effectively for the month ahead. Not to mention a Facebook Group that will help you get ahead!

3. Can I use the photos and graphics for Clients?

Yes, but only with the Manager Plan! With the manager plan You may use these photos in your own business AND with all your client projects (i.e web designs, templates, graphic designs, ebooks, online courses, etc.)Your clients can use the images or graphics only in the way you sold them to them however they can not distribute them to others unless they are paying/active members on the manager plan.

4. When are new photos and graphics added to the membership?

  • You will get 100 new stock photos every single month!

  • 15 Pre-Made Quotes

  • New Social Media Templates Bundle

  • Lead Magnet Bundle that includes workbook, ebooks, promotional graphics, and so much more as I build with the help of my members!

  • New Social Media E-Guide to help with social media planning

5. Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel whenever I want?

Yes, you can change plans (or cancel) from within your account whenever you want and we'll handle the prorated charge/credit automatically. However, if you cancel we do not offer refunds for previous charges. No worries you will still be able to use the images that you previously downloaded at no cost to you!

7.How long do I get access to the library?

As long as you are a member you will have access. If you decide to cancel you no longer have access to the library at all. However, any images you have downloaded you can still use!

8. Do I need to give credit on paid images?

No, but its always appreciated! If you would like to give credit to She Bold Stock,  you can use @shebold_stock on Instagram or #sheboldstock so that I can showcase how you use them to my audience! She Bold Stock is the sole and exclusive owner of the stock photos. All I ask is that you don’t claim them as your own.

9. When I become a member when do I get access?

You will get instant access as soon as you finish the payment process. Start branding straight away with over 3,000 stock photos to choose from, 500 + pre-made quotes, 50 + graphic templates! Plus more added every month!

10. How many images can I download after becoming a member?

It’s unlimited! Once you sign up you’ll have instant access to all images and graphics.

I created this membership because I knew how if felt to have women of color under-represented within the stock photo world. I was determined to break the barrier between the two! Never did I imagine that an idea like this would grow to mean so much more!
— Jasmine Hunt (Founder)