Instagram Stories for Creative Business Mini Guide

Instagram Stories for Creative Business Mini Guide

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“I know how my ideal client is on Instagram but Instagram is soooo hard”

Does that sound like you? If so then you have come to the right place. I was like you. Knowing full well my Ideal client was on Instagram but I just couldn’t seem to get myself motivated to engage and see results. I wanted quick wins with little effort. I came to realize that that was not going to sustain me in the long run!

There is over 500,000 million users on Instagram and 1 out of 3 users use instagram stories to learn more about a brand and buy from said brand! You have over 500,000 million people that would love your product or services! But no one will see it if you are not:

  1. Visible

  2. Engaged

  3. Consistant

You need to show up every single day in order to build a long lasting community of people. I’ve seen this time and time again in my business as well as others! It’s no surprised these people are booked, busy, and thriving!

So stop procrasting and start taking REAL action!!!

Introducing the How to Use Instagram Stories for your Business Mini Guide

What’s included:

  • Actionable tips to help you get on camera!

  • Strategies to help you post consistently every single day with a legit plan even for the side hustler working a 9-5

  • 30 Days worth of promotional, motivation, entertainment, education prompt so you’ll never be without (you can use these over and over every month!)

  • A plan to help you engage every single with other users

  • What to use to schedule Instagram Stories

  • What to use to create Instagram Story templates for brand recognition

Who is the mini guide for:

  • People who are WILLING to put in the work and get on Instagram every day!

  • People who want to 10x their business and attract their ideal clients!

  • You are a service, product, designer, manager, creative who knows their ideal clients are on Instagram

  • Realize that posting to instagram and leaving soon after is not what’s going to make you successful

  • People who need real actionable tips to help them start TODAY!

Beat overwhelm and save less time procrastinating and start taking action today! Are you ready to be booked, busy, and striving in your business?