Pink and Black Branding Kit

Pink and Black Branding Kit

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You are a beginner but your brand doesn't have to be....

So, you want to brand your business or blog, but have no clue where to start huh?!

Branding is more than just a pretty logo it's the full experience! It's the experience your customer has from point A to B. However, you have to get them to point A! What is your brand showcasing visually that is making your potential customer/client click. 

Look I get it, you are new to business, you are not quite sure what to do with your brand all you know is you have an amazing vision for it!

"Where the heck do I start?" 

Yes, It's true you need a starting point! That needs to be your first impression to your potential customer/client/reader. If you have a purpose, a mission, a goal in mind for your brand then you already have one part out of the way. Now its time to showcase your purpose with visual elements.

Building a brand from scratch may not be something that you want to do right now, however you don't want to spend thousands of dollars either! Your focus is all over the place because you have so much to do, right?!

Look I get it, I've been there! That's why I created fully customizable premade elements that will help you brand with purpose. The bonus part is that you do not need an expensive softeware to customize them in. By using the free online editing software called Canva you can create a brand that will get your ideal people clicking on your promotions, newsletter, blog posts so quick it won't even be funny! 

You can use all of the graphics as you see them or get even more creative by using Canva and your creativity (because girl, you have an amazing vision for your brand) to create something you are so proud of! 

Stop procrastinating…

You have all of the tools you need to create a brand and get your business off of the shelf! Let me tell you about the amazing features inside this Starters Pack!

Save time, money, and frustration! Build your brand with the Brand Kits for Canva!!!

3 Logos (Main, Alternate and Submark) Color Palette with Color Codes 3 Web Headers 2 About Image Graphics 4 Sidebar Buttons 3 Call to Action Buttons 16 Social Media Icons 3 Pin It Buttons 3 Matching Patterns.png

Why you need this kit!

  • To ensure brand Consistency throughout your online and offline presence

  • To ensure your brand name and logo is always high quality

  • To Look like a Professional even as a newbie

  • Become recognizable to your audience

  • Be more authentic and trust-worthy among your customers and clients

  • Useful reference tool for team members and outsourcing when your business starts to boom!

Who is this Brand Kit for?

  • Brands and Business owners who have their brand purpose, goal, and ideal audience figured out.

  • Beginners that need that extra push to start building their brand successfully from the jump and is willing to put in the extra work it takes to build a brand.

  • Brand’s looking to re-brand but don’t where to start design wise and don’t want to dish out a ton of money for design services.

  • Bloggers and Businesses that have an understanding of their website platform and know where and how to add in the different elements.

  • Basic knowledge of how use Canva will be good in starting out.

Who is this Brand Kit Not For?

  • People who do know how to use Canva and are not willing to learn.

  • People who don’t have a solid foundation on who they are catering to and why they are in business and are not willing to put in the extra work.

  • People who do not like using Canva.

Here's How it Works!

  1. Check your Email and download your pdf instantly within 24 HOURS!!!

  2. The pdf will have all of your links inside!

  3. Make a copy of the Master Template and begin designing your way!

Ba-Bam Brand Done in less than a day!

Now what are you waiting, band your way, with easy today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. HELP, I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS A 24 HOUR DOWNLOAD!!! Don’t worry reach out and I will send you a new link to download!

  2. Can I customize everything in canva? Yes everything from the logo, side bar graphics, backgrounds, and even the social media templates you can edit right in canva!

  3. What if I don’t know how to use the canva templates? Don’t worry I have 20 minute video walk through to show you exactly how to use them!

  4. If I have any trouble can I contact you? Yes, feel free to reach out with your questions at

  5. Are the images Included? NO, the images are SOLD separate you can find your favorites in the shop or membership!