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FAQ: Free Photos 



Free Stock Photos Sign Me Up?!

Hey, I'm so glad you want to sign up! Click here to sign up and you will receive 100 stock photos and more each month for use for social media and for your blog. There are limitations to using your free stock photos so check out the next two questions! 

How to do I use the FREE SHE BOLD Stock Photos? 

You can use these for personal and business use which means you can use them for your website, blog, social media, . You can crop the images, overlay text, add color overlays and filters but you CAN NOT alter them in a way. You can create opt-ins (checklists, workbooks, pdfs, ebooks) as long as the image cannot be extracted, and the image isn't part of the download.

What you can not do with the FREE Photos? 

 You may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image or a derivative thereof. You cannot alter the images in any way or claim them as your own. You cannot create products from the images such as templates, screensavers, quote graphics, calendars, printables, art prints, mugs, calendars, clipart, invitations, screensavers or etc. either for sale or to give away for free.

Do I need to give credit?

No, but its always appreciated! If you would like to give credit to She Bold Stock,  you can use @shebold_stock on Instagram or #sheboldstock so that I can showcase how you use them to my audience! She Bold Stock is the sole and exclusive owner of the stock photos.

FAQ: She Bold Stock Membership

When are new photos added to the membership?

You will get 75 new stock photos every single month. Sometimes I offer a little over 100 photos especially during holidays!

Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of digital files I do not offer refunds. 

How do I get a She Bold Stock Membership?

 So glad you asked! You can go straight to the membership here!

When I become a member when do I get access?

You will get access to the 1,500 + stock photos as soon as you finish the payment process.

How long do I get access to the library?

For as long as you are a member you will have access. If you decide to cancel you no longer have access to the library at all.

What if I want to change my current plan?

You can change at anytime, simply go to the subscription tab and select change plan. If you need help feel free to message me at

What if I do not want recurring payments?

When you make a purchase for either the monthly, quarterly, or annual you are agreeing to the auto-bill terms of use. If you do not wish to have this you will have to cancel your membership before the next auto-bill session in order for you to not be billed again. You will have access to the current library until the end of your current plan. If you are auto-billed because you forgot to cancel you will not be able to get a refund. 

How do I cancel a She Bold Stock Membership? 

You can log in and cancel your membership at any time. Select the cancel option under your subscription tab. If you need help please let me know via

How do I use the She Bold Stock Membership photos? 

Ok, so I don't want to bore you with all the legal terminology so I'm giving you the run down on how to use my photos, templates, and social media graphics. You can see the full terms here.

  • Jasmine Hunt| She Bold Stock Photography  is the sole owner of all images templates, and graphics. Jasmine Hunt| She Bold Stock maintains all of the copyrights for the She Bold Stock Membership and Library.
  • By becoming a member you acknowledge that your membership is a non-exclusive limited use license of all content provided by She Bold Stock.
  • Members may not transfer, sell,  lease, assign, or give away She Bold Stock images or other products to a third-party in any way. This includes screensavers, e-books, giving to clients, or selling on other stock photography websites. 
  • Members may not use She Bold Stock images to promote or sell stock photo, styling, or photography related services, workshops, articles, courses, or a derivative thereof. 
  • Last but certainly not least, you may not use content in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute the images. Such as in an website template that you are selling. You may not use content in a defamatory or other unlawful manner aka pornography! 

Whew ok the legal stuff is other with now let's get to planning your brand!

Thank you for being honest and an overall good person, you go miss lady! If you do have questions about the usage agreement please give me a shout over at


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