How to Create Viral Pins for the Holidays

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The holiday season is here and you know what that means holiday promotional season! For any business owner you know this is the best time of the year to promote and earn in a big way.

Let me ask you a question!

Have you ever bought something based on words alone? I bet you needed some more persuasion huh! Imagery is the go to move for all buisiness owner to grab the audience’s attention quick and make it last with lasting words that make an impact!

When it comes to the holidays, the same can be said. You need to give them that feeling of “oooh i need this“ in a very genuine and authentic way. By creating beautiful marketing visuals you can create that same feeling every time someone opens up an email, glances your instafeed, click on that viral pin, and so much more!

With She Bold Stock, we believe that you can do the same in half time and half the price! We are here to make that happen for you with gorgeous graphics to boot!

In this article I’ll be showing you several amazing examples of how you can use holiday styled stock photos to create a eye catching promotional campaign that gets more clicks in half the time!


Promote with negative space

Create an impact with negative space! If you have a big sale share it with boldness!

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Overlay your images with pizzazz!

Use graphics to overlay your images and make your words stand out! Have specific brand colors use a graphic in your color over top of the image(hint: make the image black and white!)

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Use mock ups to get your point across!

Use videos or images on tech mock ups for an interesting look that captures your audiences attention. Or use envelopes to tell a story!

Be unique by using Quotes or add them to your mockups!

This is a bonus one but It’s a great content filler idea for instagram! I love the new insta-quotes from this collection, really gives off a fun feel for the holidays!

These are quick and easy tips to help you promote like a boss this holiday season! Use images from She Bold Stock across your entire seasonal sales campaign for cohesive branding. With Christmas stock photos and holiday promotional graphic templates to help you brand this holiday season you’ll never worry about what to post! Check out the all of the new images that have landed into the stock photo membership!

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