College Stock Photos for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs


College is back in session and I'm so excited to showcase the newest collection for August! Let's go back to school for this one!

Stock photos for bloggers!

This month's first collection is all about the college girl at heart, working hours on end to create a life that they dream of! Even if you aren't in college I know this collection will resonate with the working girl or busy woman hustling to make their goals come to life! 

Fun ways to use these images!

Play with your Instagram feed! Fun Holidays are coming up like the Single working women's day on August 4th and book lovers day on August 9th! Why not share a photo on Instagram and tell us a story of your side hustle days or your favorite books to stay motivated! I even have photos for Left-Handers Day on August 13th (FUN FACT: I'm a lefty)! Use the book stock images for relaxation day on August 15th  and include a caption about how you find time to relax through all of the busy moments in your day! 

Untitled design.png

Promote a back to school sale or giveaway using one or several of the stock images.

Back to School.png
Back to School (1).png


Create a stunning graphic for your free offer or blog post!

Use them in a blog post on productivity or time management! Or if you are college blogger help your audience get into the college mood again with How to's on Studying!! Then make a pinterest image go viral with just a single image!


Refresh your Website for the fall! 

With lifestyle images and office styled images they are tons of ways to make your website pop this fall. 


The College Survival Guide (2).png

Have a sneak peek inside!


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