The Easiest Way to Create Instagram Content Fast in 2019!


Content planning is hard when you have a whole business to run and if you are running it by yourself it can become exceptionally harder! That’s why it’s important to create a content plan beforehand and stick to it!

The Benefits of Content Planning

  1. Consistency: A solid strategy that creates a steady flow of content will be more successful than trying to get that one viral piece of content!

  2. Higher quality: Instead of spewing out a ton of content that does not have your brand’s purpose in mind when you content plan you’ll have more time to come up with content ideas that convert!

  3. More engagement: Visibility is key to staying relevant, increasing engagement, and a loyal follower base.

  4. Save Time: A solid strategy gives you a road map to follow, making it much easier to streamline your business and plan ahead!

The Key to Content Planning is Batching

Batching your work can save time and frustration in the long run! However, the key to batching is to create based on what you are trying to do for that month.

  • What promotions are going on in that month?

  • How do you want your target audience to interact with your latest blog posts?

  • What behind the scenes sneak peeks do you want to share?

  • What testimonials or client work do you want to showcase?

Next you need to look at your target audience. Remember the person you created when you first began your brand.

  • What times should you post?

  • During those times what would be the best topic to talk about.

  • What are they struggling with this month and how can you help them.

  • If they are using your products why not showcase their work on your page.

Batching your Instagram Content: The Plan

Look at your month in a glance:

  1. What launches are coming.

  2. How can you build up the excitement of the launch.

  3. What are some holidays that you can share with your audience that relates to your brand.

Next look at your week at a glance:

  1. What blog post are coming up for the week?

  2. Do you have products you would like to share?

  3. Do you have any personal events that will relate well with your audience?

Now that you have a plan it’s time to create.

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Create Your content Theme

Think about what your brand stand for, what your audience want, and what you can give. Then think of categories that fit perfectly together. Here are a few recommend categories for product based business.

  1. Behind the scenes

  2. Lifestyle

  3. Education/Tips

  4. Testimonial

  5. Community/Shoutout

  6. Inspiration/Motivation

  7. Quote

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But what if you want a more homey feel to your brand’s instagram!

Now let’s mix up the images using all 3 colors, styles, and customized quotes!


And there you go, you have created you content theme using your colors, your categories, and images/quotes! What’s the next step?

Pick your posting day/times and stick to them!

You need to show up! It doesn’t matter what days you post just as long as you show up. Pick 3 days of the week to post. If you can do more, do them, however do not overwhelm yourself. Only do what YOU can do! On the days that you do not post make sure to continue to engage with your audience. Give yourself 10 minutes 3 times a day to start off. Or find time during a certain day to sit down and engage with your audience for at least 30 minutes!

It’s important to find a strategy and stay consistent. Pick a Day and plan. Pick a weekend to batch photos and graphics. Then create captions that go along with the categories you’ve set in place.

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