5 Minutes to Better Social Media Graphics!


Imagine having an amazing blog posts that you worked tiresomely on and then all of that is taken away because people just aren't feeling the graphic you chose!

5 Minutes to better social media graphics

I've been creating social media graphics for over 4 years now! Ever since I learned the importance of gorgeous graphics pinterest and instagram have been my #1 source of getting followers, clients, and customers!

I make a point in every one of these posts about the importance of good graphics and how essential it is to get people to look at your amazing content. You work hard and deserve for your content to be seen, right?!

A beautiful, yet well designed and structured social media graphic will help promote and drive traffic to your blog posts! 

In order to help you make better use of your time, I want to show you how you can make amazing social media graphics in less! Remember you do not need to have a graphic design background to make these types of graphics. You also don't have have to dish out hundreds of dollars either! 

Pinterest and instagram is my most referred sites to get traffic, customers, and clients! A huge reason behind that is my gorgeous graphics not to mention fierce photos! I want to help you get the traffic and money you deserve to, that's why I created my Canva Social Media Templates!

Introducing my new customizable social media templates for Canva!

have been making Canva Social Media Templates for my members and wanted to share these types of  templates with you all as well! I want to show you how you can customize these templates to fit your brand's style and voice in less time! 


Below are some examples how these templates can be use for your blog, website, and social media! 

 Look at how I created 7 social media graphics for just one blog post! This will get more people eyeing your blog post!

Untitled design.png


Gorgeous Graphics = Increased Traffic!  

My Canva Social Media Templates can be used for social media marketers, lifestyle bloggers, online entrepreneurs, and so many more! If you want to reach a bigger audience base then these templates will help you get there!

Social Media Templates.gif

Increased Traffic done right!

You can find all of these in the membership for only $20 a month! Plus  over 1500 stock photos, quotes and more templates for all of your branding needs!