Client Spotlight: Laine Sutherland Designs


I had the pleasure of being able to work with a new client this past month. Capturing Laine Sutherland brand images was such a great pleasure. After having some doubts about working with another photographer I ensured her we are in this thing together. I listened to her concerns, what she wanted and didn't want and then we set up a pinterest page to see the vibe she was going for! To my surprise she really loved some of the photos in my own membership So I knew we were on the same vibe level.

Make sure that you look at a photographers portfolio. Get a feel of their style. If their style resonates with you then you are a good fit to work together.
— Tip when working with a photographer


Laine Sutherland offers website designs for not only wordpress but for blogger as well! You can check out her amazing portfolio for wordpress blog and site plus responsive web designs for  blogger

Knowing what you want is key to a successful session

What I loved about working with Laine is that she knew what she wanted. She new her ideal customer, which were teachers, and she knew exactly how to cater to them. 

Knowing your brand inside and out this helps the photographer take your vision and execute in a way that fits you perfectly. Know your audience, specifically know who you want to cater to. Think of their style, the colors
— Tip when working with a photographer:

I was able to see what the client wanted and didn't want which made it so much easier to envision the work she had imagined. Being able to turn her bad experience with a photographer around led her to see the potential of what brand images could look like. I'm excited to create more photos for her in the near future!

I am so proud of this client's work because her message is so clear in her branding. My past blog was all about vibrant branding so I'll always be a lover of fun colors and being able to play with tons of confetti, colorful props, donuts,and quotes, I was totally in my element!  Check out some of the images and then head on over to Laine Sutherland's Website to check out her amazing work with tons of design tips for both blogger and wordpress!



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Imagine what your brand could look like...

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