5 Basic but Vital Branding Mistakes You need to Avoid!

“I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong! I keep attracting the wrong clients and my products aren’t selling!”

I get it, girl! We’ve all been their at some point in our business journey.

Before you call it quits…Remember your branding is the story behind your business. It’s the key element that sets you apart and makes you stand out to your ideal client/audience. It wraps up everything you want to communicate to your customers in one big bow!

However there are 5 basic but super crucial branding mistakes that may be costing you!

Let’s take a look at those 5 branding mistakes and how you can change them to ELEVATE your business!

As I go on this journey of branding, I realize a brand is much more than a logo, its the perception of who I am, what my business stands for, and it differentiates me from others in my niche. Plus it attracts the clients I truly want.
— Jasmine Hunt

When it comes to starting or leveling up your business. There are 5 key mistakes most business make  when deciding on their brand identity. Take a look to find out what they are! #branding #brandingtips #brandingmistakestoavoid #businessbranding #socialmediabranding

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The Benefits of Having a Professional Brand

  1. Helps you stand out in the saturation pool: Having a clear vision for your brand you are able to stand out in a strong way among your competitors.

  2. Gives you credibility: You want to look like an expert then branding is the way to go. You need to appear visually as if you know what you are talking about.

  3. Leads to customer loyalty: By branding you are building recognition and loyalty. When people share the same core values as you, it builds an emotional bond that leads to often times lifelong loyalty.

  4. Clear strategy and vision: Branding sets a clear path for you to follow. With a strong brand in place you can continually and consistently refer back to your brand identity when you make new products/services.

  5. Help attract your ideal clients: People connect with people and you need to consider your brand a person as well. People are attracted to brands that share the same value as them.

5 Mistakes you are making for your brand

  1. Unstable Foundation

    What I mean by this is you need to have a clear vision and path laid out for your brand. Ask yourself these key questions:

    • What’s your vision or mission?

    • Why did you start your business?

    • Who is your ideal person/client/audience?

    • What stage of their business are they currently in?

    • What is their pain points and how can you help them go from point A to point B?

    • How can you make your business as unique as possible?

2. Copying the Competition

We’ve all fail into the entrapment of trying to be like others because they are successful. You must understand what made them successful is not what is going to make you successful. It’s perfectly fine to research your competition, however instead of trying to do everything they do, find that missing piece. How could you wiggle your way into that area that seems to be missing in your niche.

Rule of Thumb: Once you have a clear vision for your brand that’s when you can focus on the visual and verbal aspects of your brand.

3. To many fonts and colors

With some many font’s and colors to choose from you may feel like you can’t choose just one. But I’m telling you right now that you need to pick to 1-3 fonts and 3-5 colors and forget the rest. I know how easy it is to search on creative market and find so many gorgeous fonts or palettes ideas but RESIST the urge. Make sure your colors and fonts work together. Keep a record of where you will use each font and each color and how you will use them.

Rule of Thumb: Things to keep in mind with fonts

  • Font Size: Choose bigger bolder fonts for headers and smaller sizes for paragraphs.

  • Font Selection: Make sure that each font is different from one another.

  • Line Space: As well as making sure that the line height has enough white space in between paragraphs for less clutter.

Rule of Thumb: Things to keep in mind with colors

  • Learn about Color Psychology. Make sure the colors you decide to choose match with your brand’s vision, values, and how you want to make people feel.

  • Remember your favorite color may have to take a back seat to your brand if it doesn’t resonate with your brand’s vision or ideal client.

  • Check out Canva’s extensive guide to color and choosing the right colors for you.

4. Rebranding way too often

I’m guilty of doing this. Especially with my last blog I did that way to often without thinking it through. Now I’m just working behind the scenes to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

I know it may be tempting to jump on a certain trend but I encourage you to NOT do that. Trends come and go you brand will still be here are you going to change with it too? Don’t waste your precious time focused on the new up and coming wave.

Rule of Thumb: As you grow and your clientele changes remember it’s ok to rebrand. However do it subtitly and over time so that it’s not a complete shock….aka IHOB anybody!

5. Low Quality Images

Your brand is your first impression. It’s what sets the tone on whether or not your ideal client/audience is going to want to work with you or buy from you. There is a lot of high quality images out there so if you are not a pro at the camera then get images from photographers at affordable prices.

In Conclusion

the 5 Basic Branding Mistakes you need to avoid

  1. Have concrete foundation from the jump

  2. Differentiate yourself from your competition

  3. Calm down on on the font and color selection

  4. Stop re-branding so often. Stay consistent

  5. Get you some high quality images

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