Creative Graphic Ideas for Fall Promotion


Fall is here and its time to get back in to the grind of business. That includes promotions. With the biggest seasons like Black Friday and cyber Monday coming right around the corner you need to start thinking about promotion and how to promote. So let’s start with Fall Promotional Graphics.

It can seem a bit tricky to incorporate seasonal graphics into your business schedule but seasonal promotion is a great way to boost revenue by creating a sense of urgency during a season. Any type of business can do fall promotion you just need to be strategic with the way you create your graphics to give your audience a time sensitive event that will drive traffic to your platform of choice.

Inside the membership She Bold Stock has so many amazing stock photos to help you create seasonal graphics for this fall. I like to make things easy and stick to my fave platform Canva. If you are not as savvy Canva is a great place to start designing on a budget.

So if you are looking for a quick way to create fall promotional graphics here’s some inspiration for you!

Animate your Fall Graphics

I’ve been loving these new animated graphics. I’ve even created a couple of them for the membership. I want to show you how I utilized my fall stock photos to create animated fall promotional graphics that fits my brand colors. Noticed in the 1st graphic I moved the arrangement around and added in some fun designs to create a cohesive feel that still fits in with my brand.

So if you have a fall sale going on for your digital products don’t hesitate to utilize these 2 pre-made graphic animations. Pop in a stock photo from the membership for high quality conversions!


Spice up your Newsletters

Why not get into the fall spirit with these gorgeous graphics for your newsletter. Entice your readers with an animated newsletter graphic like the one to your left. Or keep it simple with a static graphic. Simple resize the image to fit your email like this. Remember your graphic background does not need to be of pumpkins and leaves, switch it up and choose relevant images for fall.

Sign Up (8).png
Copy of Untitled Design.png

Create CONSISTENT Headers across your platforms

There are so many creative yet easy ways you can utilize stock photos in your graphics including changing up your social media, website, or newsletter covers. Here I incorporated some fall stock photos while still keeping with my brand color scheme. Once you find a cover graphic that you love use it on every one of your platforms for a consistent feel.

Fall for Stock (2).png
Fall for Stock (1).png

Promote your Email List or announcements

To add to the fall feel carry the same vibe into your pop ups on your website. You can use the same photos as your covers for a recognized cohesive look. Like I did below to promote my email list. Sign up today to get 5 Fall Stock Photos for your next promotion.

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Sign Up to get 50 Free Stock Photos

Plus 5 Free Fall Stock Photos have been added for a limited time!

Promoting on Social Media

Create a sale from holidays through out the month. You can create these graphics ahead of time to instantly pop on to your schedule for that date.

The images below I added a shadow overlay and cute designs to the image to make them completely my own!

Create Pinterest Graphics

Not only Lifestyle bloggers will love using fall images in for fall related content, businesses can try out images that relate to fall as well. Find images that give off a fall feel weather its warmer colors like dark greens, mustard yellow, beige, or fall relate pieces like sweaters, boots, flowers . I created 1 image by simply taking two images from the membership and cropping it down leaving enough negative space for the blog title.

Instagram Stories

Create a call to action in your instagram stories so that they can head over to your latest promotion. Whether its a blog post or your latest sale.

Design Tips to Remember

  • Keep all of your promotional graphics cohesive. You can even use one image multiple ways as seen above.

  • Make your announcement standout with a bold font. You can use color overlays in your brands colors to keep it consistent.

  • Find images with white space or put two images together to create something completely new.

  • When it comes to animation keep it to 1-2 animations and that’s it. You want them to look at what you are promoting.

  • Don’t think fall just means leaves and pumpkins. Add in lifestyle images too and fall related items.

  • Always include a call to action. This lets your audience know what to do next.

In conclusion

I hope this encourages you to fall in love with creating in the fall. You only need a few images to help you start. Why not down the 5 fall stock photos inside of the freebies library to get you started!

If you want more join the Membership to always have an endless amount of seasonal images to play around with all year long!

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