5 Ways to Use Stock Photos for Instagram

Did you know that you can use stock photos for Instagram? Look I get it stock photos has had a bad reputation in the past but now its the ultimate life save for many small business and influencers.

Stock photography is professional images that are purchased on a royalty-free basis. You can use these royalty-free photos for almost all commercial use!

Fake laughter and awkward thumbs up is not what stock photos are any more. Stock photos have become a lot more relaxed, with real poses, genuine smiles, and beautifully styled shots that can add a professional photographer feel to your account without even buying a camera!

Finding your style makes finding stock photos quick and easy! So you need to make sure that you know your brand well and you choose photos that fit your aesthetic. Finding stock photos quicker makes it a time saving hack to posting more and showcasing your brand consistently.

When you purchase a stock photo membership like She Bold Stock’s Membership, you have access to a ton of images and graphics that can really level up your Instagram!

In order to help you use stock photos on Instagram in an effective manner, I’ve composed 10 different and creative ways to use stock photos on Instagram.

How to use stock photos for Instagram

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The Benefits of Using Stock Photos for Instagram

  1. Time-saver: You don’t have to pick a day to go out and take pictures, you don’t have to worry about editing. You don’t have to worry about your images not being high quality! Stock photos makes imagery simpler!

  2. Post Often Never be with out something to posts. Can’t figure out what to post for the day, head over to your favorite subscription site and pick an image. Click, Download, post!

  3. High Quality: Crisp images are a plus side to stock photos. Make sure when you are choosing stock photos that they look professionally done!

5 Ways to use stock photos for Instagram

  1. Mix stock photos with your photos

    I always make it a point to let my members know that in order to build a successful audience you need to show a little personality. Do not just hide behind the gorgeous stock photos. Mix your stock photos with pictures of you, your work space, your kids, your daily life!

    Rule of Thumb: For every stock image add in a personal image like a pic of you or branded quotes!

how to use stock photos on instagram.PNG

See how she mixed her images and brand elements in to create a gorgeous cohesive feed!


2. Use stock photos as your Backgrounds for quotes

Stock photos are a great backdrop to use for quotes or promotional advertisement! You can even use them in your instagram stories!

Rule of Thumb: You can also blur the background a bit in your images to showcase your quote or promotional advertisement.


4. Use mock up stock photos for your promotional posts

Mock ups are a great way to showcase your latest product, blog post, website design, and so much more. Find images that match your brand and overlay your image over it. You can do this with mock ups such as laptops, phones, desktop computers, frames, paper. If there is a blank spot you can use it! Click here to learn how to place an image on a mockup!

How to use stock photos for Instagram

5. Add in your brand elements on stock photos

Add in your logos, branded fonts, colors, and branded elements (like these sparkles) that you use within your brand and across your platforms!

how to use stock photos on instagram.PNG

In Conclusion

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If you’ve come to learn about stock photos and graphic templates and how to use them, then you are in the right place!

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There are so many fun and creative ways to use stock photos on Instagram! Make sure to read the terms of agreements on any stock photos that you use to make sure it is legal! Of course, She Bold Stock let’s you do some amazing things with your stock photos ;)

In the comments: What do you like to use stock photos for?

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