How to Use Stock Photos to Create Graphics that Wow Your Audience!


So you have a bunch of stock photos that you’ve accumulated but have no clue how to incorporate them into your blog and social media. No worries I got you girl!

Social media is the first impression for your brand. Your images need to speak about your brand in a positive way. Visuals are the first thing that draws your ideal customers/clients in. Your words are next. Think about your favorite brand. What do you think would happen if your favorite brand had low quality images…would you buy from them, would you trust them. Would you even give them the time of day if their images were blurry, mess, and low quality.

Don’t let that happen to your brand. You have an amazing buisness that people need to hear about. That’s why in this article I’m going to be teaching you how to style your socials with stock photos.

Inspirational Quotes

The easiest way to add consistency is with quotes! You’ll see alot sprinkled into my other business Instagram. Here’s how I used our instagram template from the library to create a gorgeous quote that I can instantly pop onto my Instagram!
Wine quotes

Pinterest Images

Pinterest is all about first impressions and you have to catch them quick! Check out these images for inspiration.

how to use stock photos to create graphics that wow your audience!

Instagram Feeds

We all know instagram is all about pretty images! Scatter stock images in with your regular images or use stock photos to build your feed! Add instagram quotes and overlays to mix it up a bit but keep it totally on brand!

Facebook and Twitter Graphics

Remain consistant with stock photos by using overlays and grouping together like images for covers and promotional graphics.

how to use stock photos to create graphics that wow your audience!

Side Bar Images

Pretty up your blog or website with style stock images. Add overlays, your fonts, and you just created a brand worth falling for!

How to use stock photos to create graphics

Opt In Images

Have freebie you must share lucky for you I have templates that will help you alongside gorgeous images! Make people want to click on your freebie in an instant.

how to use stock photos to create graphics that wow your audience!

Website Headers

Instantly get people’s attention with a stunning image! Nuff said!

She Bold Stock (1).png

Pinterest Board Covers

Don’t forget your pinterest is part of your brand as well! Make it appealing for people to follow you by creating pinterest board covers. Make it easier on yourself and use the same collection of images and just add your overlay and text!

Mock ups

Showcase your latest testimonial, blog posts, sneak peek, digital product, or service using styled stock photos on social media too!

Copy of 3.7.19 Teal IG Story.png

There you go, so many ways to use style stock images on social media and on your website or blog! Your visuals is your audience first impression of you. Make sure that what you put out their is a reflection of your brand and up to par with what your audience expects from you.

She Bod Stock makes it easy for you to create and promote in less than 5 minutes! We have over 2,000 stock photos plus quotes, and templates that you can make your own. With our images you can use them not just for social media but for website and your blog to create a cohesive professional brand that you’ll fall in love with. She Bold Stock is your super secrete arsenal that will keep you stressed free! If you are interested, you can find out more about the Styled Stock Library here.

What you thoughts on using style stock images? Does it make things easier or are you still very much confused about this whole concept! Let me here your thoughts!


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