How to Use InstaGram Stories for your Creative Business

Who would have thought Instagram Stories that was introduced back in 2016 would have be an extremely helpful component to building an everlasting business that strives.

Instagram stories have become a part of over millions of users lives. Many use this platform to connect with brands and decide on whether they want to learn even more about a business. 1 out of 3 users on the platform make executive decisions on buying just from Instagram Stories alone! WE HAVE OVER 500 millions USERS WHO USE IG STORY’S EVERYDAY AND GROWING YALL! That’s a lot of people. That’s why with any business that know their target audience know’s that Instagram Stories will be a great help in building a connecting and engaging community that buys what you have to offer. So let’s look into how you can use instagram stories for your business!

How to use instagram stories for business

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The Benefits of Using Instagram Stories

  1. Connection: People like to see the behind the scenes of a brand. Connecting with your audience gives your brand a personal touch and connection that can only be shared through video such as this! They get a look at your personality and when people vibe with your personality they stay around longer!

  2. Showcase: You can use IG stories to showcase new products, take them behind the scenes of your business, broadcast a new article or post

  3. Engagement: With all of the new features that Instagram brings it gives your audience more ways to engage with you. Such as polls, Q & A’s, etc.

  4. More Personable: Instagram stories is like your brand’s intimate home. You bring them in, you talk to your audience, you give them advice, you share with them what you are currently doing, what you are working on. New products or services.

  5. Post anytime: Because your Insta-Stories stay up for 24 hours you know that people will see it. You can also create highlights to keep it around for as long as you want!

The Key to Using Instagram Stories Effectively

With any marketing platform you have to have a goal behind what you do. Same can be said for Instagram Stories, so what are the goals you have for wanting to post.

  • Want to drive traffic to your website?

  • Want to book clients?

  • Want to connect with your audience and get engagement up?

  • Want to demonstrate your expertise and become a figure of authority in your niche?

What ever it is you need to make sure that your Instagram post aligns with your goals. For instance you can continue to post pics of your pizza if you want to but that’s not going to attract your ideal client or customer. Instead if you are say for instance an Social Media Manager then you are going to post about clients you are working with, benefits of having a social media manager, and even tips on managing your social media. By your showing your expertise you are showing you are the one for the job! So stop yourself from posting that pizza pic unless it pertains to growing social media with pizza haha!

How to Create an Insta-Story Strategy

Brainstorm Ideas

Once again make your ideas, ones that will make an impact in your business. What does your ideal audience need to learn. What value can you provide, What would they love seeing from you. How can you show your personality in them. How can you use Instagram stories to make them engage with you.

Stories you can create include:

  1. Promotional stories such as sharing blog post, new products in the shop, your services, discounts, showcase your services etc.

  2. Educational stories help to add to the value that your audience gets. Share tips, tutorials, etc.

  3. Behind the Scene stories gives a glimpse of your business to your audience. By giving them sneak peeks of what’s going on you help build that trust and relationship with your audience.

  4. Entertainment Stories really helps to nail that personal touch down. Give you are audience fun ways to interact with your stories. Use the engaging features that instagram provides. Do polls, ask questions, get their feedback, motivate your audience, tell stories (funny, inspirational, etc.). Find fun ways to get people engaging with you.

Post Daily

Use Instagram Stories daily because that will keep you visible to your audience. They’ll want to know what you are up to! By staying consistent that builds trust! You can theme your days to make it easier for you to post regular plus it gives your audience something to look forward to throughout the week. Post 2-3 post each day and you’ll be surprised at how your engagement increases.

Show yourself

I know this can be daunting but It’s totally impactful. All you need is at least 2-3 post with you in them to give your stories a personal touch. Add subtitles for those who may not have the time to listen to you. You can break up those post with graphics. Make your post short and sweet…KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETY ;)

Schedule your Posts

An easy way to remain consistent is scheduling. You can post anytime through out the day because this is a 24 hour post you don’t have to worry about if they’ll see it or not! If you want to keep it add it to your highlight so more people can view as they view your profile. However if you like going with the flow that’s cool too but make sure you have an idea of what you are going to post and keep it consistent wit your goals.

Now that you have a plan it’s time to create.

The fastest way to create Instagram stories for your brand is by using templates! Keep them brand oriented by using your brand colors, elements, and fonts. This aids in brand recognition. I have a ton of Instagram Story templates inside the membership and recently added in Instagram Game Pre-made Templates!

Different types of graphics you can make include:

  • Blog Post Templates

  • New Products Templates

  • Workshop Templates

  • Ecourse Promotion Templates

  • Educational Prompt Templates

  • Quote Templates

  • Game Templates

  • FAQ Templates

  • Service Templates

Don’t leave people hanging!

That means reply to dm’s and questions from those who watch you. Ask questions and use the Instagram features to get people engaging. Create a call to action. Don’t just leave people at your last post. Make sure they have an actionable step to take next. It should always be about your goal in mind!

Finally you have to Engage with Other!

See your ideal client then say hi, offer to have a virtual chat with them, introduce yourself. If you see people on your Instagram consistently then engage with them too. Jump into their dms and have a convo with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! If they are engaging with you on Insta-Stories then chances are they are your ideal people. Get into their comments, dm them and thank them for following you.

In Conclusion

She Bold Stock Owner_Jasminehunt


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Take the steps to show up daily and I guarantee you that you will get the traffic, the clients, the customers that you absolutely deserve. Remember ACTION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS…So START TODAY!!!

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In the comments, let me know if you will be taking these steps and if so share your Instagram so we can check you out!!!

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